Educational Institutions

A broad range of factors make each educational institution unique: diversity, regional factors, recreational programs, and most importantly, the student body. Regardless of institution, students need delicious and nutritious food in order to help them thrive in the classroom. From small private schools to sprawling public universities, Doral Food Distributors distributes healthy, high-quality ingredients—without compromises. Our in-depth knowledge of dietary needs, cost control, and culinary trends ensures we purchase the best food available, and our broad network of suppliers and warehouses ensures that it gets to your educational institution in a timely manner. Visit our Become A Customer page today to start experiencing the difference our unparalleled food and service can make for your students. You can also view our Product Categories page to browse our available ingredients and products.

K-12 Schools & Districts

As a committed partner to public and private K-12 schools, we’ve developed innovative and efficient solutions for healthy meals, made with fresh and wholesome ingredients that students love. Our nutritious and delicious foods meet and exceed USDA standards, and we make special accommodations for allergies, special dietary needs, and/or religious dietary restrictions. We cultivate best practices in order to deliver premium foodservice programs that not only nourish the student body of schools around the country, but do so responsibly and sustainably. We collaborate with school districts across the board to ensure our food distribution solutions fit the localized needs of students, parents, and communities.

Colleges and Universities

When it comes to colleges and universities, a great dining program is integral to great campus life. Today’s college students want and need safe spaces, local connections, and of course, enticing menus. The fresh and delicious meals students need to thrive start at Doral. Our around-the-clock service accommodates their busy schedules, and our exciting, flavorful ingredients are delivered with an emphasis on plant-forward, allergen-friendly, and ethnic choices.

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