Ghost Kitchens and how Doral Food Distributors Can Help

What are ghost kitchens and how do they work?

The restaurant scene has seen huge changes recently, especially with dine-in restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic: even the way a restaurant has almost always been set up is being questioned. The pandemic has caused the demand for food delivery to explode; this shift in demand from dining rooms to delivery and pickup is continuing to move fast. According to Upserve, 60% of restaurant consumers in the US order delivery or pickup at least once a week. Traditional restaurant spaces have been struggling to keep up with a variety of challenges, including dining room capacity needed to keep finances coming in. With costs of running a traditional dining room ever on the rise, these spaces are becoming more and more difficult to fund. This is where ghost kitchens have come in. 

Unlike a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant space, a ghost kitchen is a food service facility set up only for delivery and/or carryout meals. Also called virtual or delivery-only kitchens, these spaces turn the traditional restaurant concept on its head. These kitchens don’t have a storefront and only provide delivery and pickup orders. You can enjoy the popularity of a traditional brick-and-mortar space, at a fraction of the cost: you can rent out a space or even use your own. Your presence is digital, allowing you to reach more customers than ever and even manage multiple restaurants from one digital space. And your customers will love getting their favorite meals without leaving their couch. 

How we help 

The online restaurant business is growing so rapidly, it only makes sense for restaurant owners and operators to want to tap into that growth. But how? You’ve got a space to prep orders and you’ve launched your restaurant brand online. Now what? Now that you understand how valuable ghost kitchens are for you and your customers, you’ll need to learn how to master food prep and delivery in order to remain competitive.

Doral Food Distributors is your partner and friend in the food distribution business. Unlike other food distributors, we take the time to get to know you and your business. We understand that a good knowledge of the food business and solid relationship with our customers is just as important as high-quality food, all of which we supply in abundance. We identify the right concept for your brand through research on your market and current operations. Next, we help build your brand using advanced digital solutions. We then optimize your menu with chef-driven recipes and tools in order to drive productivity and profitability. Finally, we help guide your progress and growth, helping you manage day-to-day operations. Reach out to us today to take your restaurant, cafe, or any food source to the next level.

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